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The One-to-One Tutoring Service focuses on math and chemistry, the subjects that Tim Gasser specializes in. The other tutors listed on this page previously worked for the service for an average of more than 10 years with a few of them having worked for the service since the 1980s. They will now be working independently of the service. If interested in one of them, you may contact Tim Gasser, and he will put you in touch with them.

Tim Gasser has been an educator since 1974 as a classroom teacher, tutor, and owner / director of tutoring services. He was a full-time classroom teacher for 10 years in California and overseas. He has been doing private tutoring since 1980. He has been the owner / director of the One To One Tutoring Service since 1999.

He has a B.A. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.S. in environmental studies from San Jose State University. He took courses in teacher education from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, California, and has had a clear California single-subject teaching credential in math and chemistry for many years. He first began tutoring with the One To One Tutoring Service in 1982, and worked as a tutor for 17 years before becoming the director of the service. He has been in charge of all aspects of administering the One To One Tutoring Service since 1999.





Areas Served


Tim Gasser, Director

Chemistry, Math, Test Prep (SAT II Chemistry, Math)

Math / Chemistry Clear Credential

Director, One To One Tutoring

Burlingame to Los Altos

9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Weekdays, Weekends by appointment

Cynthia Beeman

College Entrance Counseling, ESL, English, Test Prep, Organizational Skills

MA in ESL, B.A. in Art / Theater

Tutor 14 Years

Burlingame to Mountain View

Check with Director

Belinda Cheng

Math – Basic to Calculus

B.S., Cognitive Science, MIT

Tutor 12 Years

South San Francisco to Los Altos

Check with Director

Alan Cumings

English, College Entrance Essays, SAT I Prep – Critical Reading and Writing

Ph.D. in English

College Professor 12+ Years, Tutor 15+ Years

Marin County

Check with Director

Julie Freeman

English, Writing Grades 4 – Adult

Life Credential, BA Education, UCSB

Teacher and Tutor 30+ Years

Menlo Park to Mountain View


Anne Knight

English Grades 6 to College, College Essays, SAT Prep Reading and Writing

M.A. in English Literature – Harvard

College Teacher 10 Years, Tutor 19 Years

Palo Alto

Check with Director

Gerald Leib

Law Courses, English Grades 9 – Adult

BA in English – UC Berkeley, JD in Law

Retired Lawyer/Tutor 14 Years

Mountain View to Cupertino

Check with Director

Betsy Scroggs

Learning Handicapped Specialist, general subjects-elementary, study skills, prefers grades 4-8

Special Education Credential, MA Special Ed

Teacher 5 years, Tutor 12 years

Menlo Park to Palo Alto

Check with Director

Andrea Rothenberg

Reading Specialist, Language Arts-K to 8

Reading Specialist and Multiple Subjects Credentials, Masters in Social Work

Tutor 20+ years, Teacher 8 years

Palo Alto

Check with Director

Raji Raman

Math (Basic to Calculus), ESL, Physics

B.S. in Math, Univ. of Colorado

Tutor 14 Years

Mountain View to Menlo Park

Check with Director

Roslyn Raney

French, German, Spanish

Ph.D. in Germanic Linguistics, B.A. in German / French

College Teacher 30+ Years, Tutor 30+ Years

Burlingame to San Jose

Check with Director

Luis Nava

Spanish, chemistry, physics, math

BS Chemistry Minor Physics, Native Spanish speaker

Tutor 20+ years


Check with Director

Laurie Shidler

Math – Basic to Precalculus, Test Prep, Homework help

Math Preliminary Credential

Teacher 14 Years, Tutor 12 Years

San Mateo to Palo Alto

Check with Director

Juan Walterspiel

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medical courses, Nursing courses

MD, Berlin Free University

7 years Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas and University of South Alabama,

Tutor 3 years

San Mateo to Mountain View

Check with Director