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Grade levels:

Tim Gasser has tutored and taught hundreds of students at the high school and middle school level since the 1970s. He has also tutored numerous adults at the community college level in math, chemistry, and standardized test preparation.

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Math:  calculus, precalculus, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, pre-algebra, arithmetic, basic math, statistics

Sciences:  chemistry, physics, physical science

Test Preparation:  SAT I math, SAT II subject tests (math, chemistry), ACT math, GRE math, CBEST math, CSET math

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Areas Served:

Tim Gasser lives in Redwood City. He can meet you at your home or at a convenient local library in the nearby surrounding cities. He also has a home office if you have transportation to come to him.  

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Tutoring Rates:

Individual Tutoring Rates

  Rates per hour of tutoring are negotiable and depend on the level, subjects to be tutored, and location of the lessons.   Discounted rates may be negotiated if you are looking for 3 or more hours per week of tutoring.

If you are interested in any of the other tutors listed on our roster, they will tell you their own rates. 

Lessons from Tim Gasser can be paid at the time of the lesson. If you would prefer to be billed monthly, then mileage charges may be added to the hourly rate for tutoring. The current mileage rate is $.54 per mile for travel to the site of the lesson. Other tutors will tell you how they collect their own payments 

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